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I'm Betsy

I'm Betsy Finkelhoo

It is my great JOY to welcome you to this site. . .

My Many Inspired Offerings Include....



 Enjoy a safe and loving space to feel held, supported, nurtured and relaxed so the mind can be at ease which provides deep clarity and connection to intentions set in motion. Deep Tissue massage blended with gentle relaxation gives a wonderful experience for healing.

Live Event Production


With a variety of training in public speaking, professional EMCEE'g, behind the scenes event creation, and collaborative teamwork, inquire about the  support needed in your live event! 

Expressions of Art


Need a creative SPARK for yourself or for your next event?  Enjoy a variety of creative offerings from dream catcher workshops, face painting, up-cycled clothing consultation and more! 

Inspired Coaching


 Receive help in clarifying your vision, support on taking the next steps on your path, and discover tools to simply help you re-discover, peace, health and happiness.

Sacred Ritual & Ceremony


 Discover Pathways to connecting with a spiritual practice through individual guidance or group facilitation; baby blessing ways, womens circles and more!

Power Affirmation Journal


Launching in Spring 2020

This Journal is s tool to assist in upgrading your operating system through the power of affirmations and more! 

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 "Betsy is devotional, through and through – and amongst many other profound little insights that she may share during a session or event, she always invites a deeper sense of gratitude for the experience. Especially if you are sensitive to energy like myself, I can't recommend her enough."

- Azrya Cohen

• Mentor • Filmmaker • Conscious Artist 


"As a journey of deep connection to oneself in body, mind and spirit I feel guided by a talented, knowledgeable and highly intuitive masseuse and healer.

 Betsy's sessions are rare.    

The releases create space for my energy to flow unimpeded. The embodied realizations I've had on her table allow me to make and feel the new connections within me. Tears of joy, sorrow and compassion flow freely.   

I am grateful for her years of study and practice and her dedication to her craft and path. "

 ~ Mindy M.




"Betsy helps unlock truth and water seeds in the souls of women thorough their unique art, wisdom, connection, healing and sincere sisterhood. She has been such an inspiration and beautiful reflection for me, and have been an essential key in helping me step into my power. Thank you."

~Melanie R.

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Betsy Finkelhoo

Solana Beach, CA, USA


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