My Power Affirmation


What is a Power Affirmation?

Imagine being able to program your thoughts in a way that would contribute to creating a life of ease, inspiration, joy and positivity!  By writing and reciting statements that affirm empowering possibilities about yourself and your life, you activate your subconscious brain in a way that creates healthy belief systems which in turn contributes to healthy outcomes in all areas of life.


Have You Received a Power Affirmation Card?

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How to Use it

Affirmations are like a wish list to the Universe, experienced in real time. 

They help program and realign our subconscious mind with what we truly want to create!  

Our thoughts become beliefs, which deeply influence our life, and when we participate, more fully, in the choosing of our thoughts, then we have an opportunity to create the best life possible!

This is a tool to support in the upgrade of the current inner operating system and helps to reprogram outdated and limiting beliefs. 


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