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As a long time practitioner of healing arts, primarily in massage therapy and energy healing, I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and have lived in San Diego for over 14 years! I am also a yogi and movement junkie, a workshop facilitator of women’s empowerment work, creative arts, and self care, as well as an event planner.  I've traveled to over 12 countries, to Burningman 7 times (which is likes it's own planet) and plan to keep going!  I love making art, especially from reclaimed materials and even had an up-cycled clothing line for over 8 years! Now, as the founder and MC of a the Encinitas local Community Speaker Series event, which provides a platform for many speakers to share on topics that inspire positive change, I am constantly moved by the good in the world.  I love being an advocate and coach for helping others to live the most magical and empowered life! My favorite conversation topics include the transformative power of love and kindness, visionary art and self expression, and of course, anything related to Burningman! I hope we can have a conversation about how we can make the world a better place together!

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